Ian D. K. Kelly

Compilers and Interpreters

I have designed and written:

We have many computer languages, and many compilers and interpreters to help us use them. But there are still occasions where we need modifications to languages, or whole new means of expression to decalre what we want computers to do for us.
That's where new compilers come in.

A compiler translates from one computer language (probably one readable for a human being) into another language which is closer to the machine (and is probably a lot less human-readable).
Writing compilers is a technical task which involves:

I have written compilers and interpreters for a large number of dialiects of Cobol, RPG, PL/I, Algol 60, and a number of task-specific languages.
I have written interpreters which have been used in the nucleus sections of operating systems (and hece had to be highly efficient).
I spent a number of years both writing and using a compiler-compiler, which constructed program conversion tools. These tools performed such tasks as taking a few million lines of Cobol written in an ICL dialect, for a 36-bit word machine, and converting them into an IBM dialect of Cobol, to be run on a 32-bit word machine ... all without human intervention.

I can help you design and write compilers. Just contact me ...

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