Ian D. K. Kelly

Year 2000 projects are:

There are a lot of IT problems that will still hit us relating to the year 2000. Even though we have now passed "1/1/2000:00.00" we have still not identified all of the data that contains dates, nor all of the computers (integrated and stand-alone) that are date-dependant. The urgency is very high.

If systems cannot cope with these new dates there will be loss of business, lack of essential facilities, and a great deal of public annoyance. In some cases there will be danger to human safety. As business professionals we have to tackle the huge number of remaining year 2000 projects immediately, and we need to think through what other consequential projects will also be needed.

Do you understand your own Year 2000 problems? For example:

How much has your organization budgeted for Year 2000 upgrades? How much have you spent? The problems will not go away by themselves: you have to manage their solution, and you have to ensure that enough resources are set aside.

I can help you explain this importance and this urgency to your managers and directors.

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